Mon 27 May 2019 22:46

Boston RFC - The Good Spectators Code
(a) Act as positive role models to all players.
(b) Be familiar with, and abide by, the RFU Child Protection Guidance in relation to verbal and emotional abuse.
(c) Respect guidance from the Club or School with regard to spectator behaviour.
(d) Remember children play sport primarily for their own enjoyment, not for that of the spectators.
(e) Acknowledge good individual and team performance from all players irrespective of the team in which they play.
(f) Respect match officials’ decisions, even if they appear to make a mistake – remember, they are volunteers providing an opportunity for players to play rugby.
(g) Never verbally abuse players, coaches, match officials or fellow spectators: such behaviour can create a negative environment for players and the behaviour will often reflect this.
(h) Acknowledge effort and good performance rather than ‘to win at all costs’.
(i) Verbally encourage all players in a positive manner, shouting ‘for’ not ‘at’ the players.
(j) Encourage all players irrespective of their ability – never ridicule any individual player, regardless of the team in which they play.
Spectator and Parent CODE OF CONDUCT (RFU)
Show respect for officials and other players
Encourage in your support
Be courteous to all
Applaud good play
Verbally support in a proactive manner
Remember victory is not everything
Children are playing for their own enjoyment
Enjoy the day and transmit that enthusiasm to the players
Do not force your child to play rugby
Do not stray on to the pitch at any time
Do not verbally abuse match officials – remember, they are volunteers
Do not verbally abuse players or other spectators
Do not use bad language
Do not threaten or intimidate
Do not become involved in physical aggression
Do not do anything which is likely to offend by way of insult, humiliation or discrimination